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Background: Video

How to change the background video?

You can easily change the background video.


1.  Just go to the video folder:


2. You will find the videos in 3 formats. .mp4 .ogg and .webm . And a JPG image. You can convert your videos in this 3 format very easily via http://video.online-convert.com/ . Convert your video int this 3 format and replace the old videos and JPG screenshots.


NOTE: If your filename is not “video” and has a different name. You can change it on JS in custom.js file. available on JS folder.




Image fallback for mobile


For better performance in mobile. In latest version an image will show in the background instead of video on mobile. You can change the background image from css/responsive.css



Currently all devices under 640px width will show the background image instead of video. If you want change this please edit js/custom.js . If you want to use background image instead of video on tablet. use min-width: 768px; also change it on responsive.css (max-width: 640px)

Video BG change

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